can’t make everyone happy

There is a trap that we tend to fall into – this seems to be a psychological enforcement caused by humanity – which derives from one basic concept that is drilled into our heads: by pleasing others you gain happiness.

This is true that pleasing others does make one happy but this is also a trap, on one side this can be your ego playing and then helping others you are always looking for what makes you happy OR you endlessly try to make one singular person happy.

It is not possible to make everyone happy, the key to this is to find what truly makes you happy and give back in that scenario – think of it as playing in a niche market or better yet as simply put by many: play by your own rules.

the excuse of tomorrow

one day I will…

This phrase is uttered more throughout the day than any other phrase I can recall, everyone has a bucket list, everyone has a wish list and everyone is waiting on tomorrow.

And everyone has an excuse. It never ends there is always some reason, and that is what the mind will do is create reasons over and over and over – justification doesn’t make your excuse any better, eliminating the excuse is the only way.

Tomorrow never comes because when tomorrow is here it is no longer tomorrow – live today, live now, don’t wait until tomorrow, move your energy, move your being.

As you will find on many american bars: free beer tomorrow  – last I checked no one has ever gotten free beer, just go out and buy one.

Quit The Short Game

You have two choices.  You can take $10 today OR you can take $8 today but in six months you have the potential to make $15.

In everyday life we pick the short game, its a safe path that will get you steadily along, and there is nothing wrong with that – as we have all learned from the tortoise and the hare.

However more often than none the long game, that seems to have drawbacks up front yields the most fruitful of all.

One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.

– Giacomo Casanova

Meetings Are Wasteful

When was the last meeting you had that you could truly say was productive? We waste too much time in “meetings.”

Avoid meetings, instead make a small agenda of 3 items and meet standing up for 15 minutes, you will get more done in those 15 minutes than the hour on a GoToMeeting.

Also limit the attendees to those who can make a call and a decision, too many people in a meeting will only frustrate everyone.

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