August 2012

actions, priorities and words

people can talk, quite a bit actually, about everything from their dreams to things they will do.  this is a very strange phenomenon as a society we have come to to talk about things we WILL do but rarely even really think about doing them. i do think there is some good intention when words come […]

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take care of your temple

everyone carries a temple with them – but rarely is it taken care of.  if you knew you had a temple, the best anyone has had, full of everything you could ever imagine, wouldn’t you take care of it? that temple is your body; everyday you abuse that temple and rarely take the chance to […]

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smooth sailing, its in the imperfection

nothing is ever smooth sailing – in fact the smoothness of the sail depends on the imperfection of what you are doing.  It is the way you move with the currents, the way you deal with the swallows, and the wind that will make your journey either smooth sailing or awfully bumpy. we often try […]

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can’t make everyone happy

There is a trap that we tend to fall into – this seems to be a psychological enforcement caused by humanity – which derives from one basic concept that is drilled into our heads: by pleasing others you gain happiness. This is true that pleasing others does make one happy but this is also a trap, […]

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