April 2012

Let E-Go

Ego won’t get you anywhere because: No matter how good you are there is someone better No matter how bad you are there is someone worst off So do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and drop your ego – or as one of my favorite phrases goes: Let your e – go […]

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We leak our focus and energy every day – you leak it to anything that you are not focused on. What are you focused on? write it down and draw a circle around it. Everything that is not part of that focus write t out side of the circle. Anything thats not in the circle, […]

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1 Trick To Help You Improve

This one trick failed for me many times before it started working, mostly because I didn’t actually do it right.  The key to this trick’s success is actually following through on it. The trick is quite simple – you want to improve something? Measure It.  Want to lose weight? Start recording it Want to grow […]

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3 Things Chefs Do Well That You Should Learn

If you love to eat you have been in a kitchen, and I am sure you have been in an open kitchen.  I love anywhere where I can see how the company works and understand the dynamic. Executive Chef’s rarely cook during service, their job is to ensure everything goes right – think Gordon Ramsey […]

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