The Connecting Glue


Relevance is a quintessential need that you must have in order to achieve anything in life.  It is relevance that keeps your employees happy, it is relevance that keeps you in relationships and it is relevance that gives you the drive to do what you do every day – day in day out.  However relevance is NOT a permanent state and changes as your experience changes.

This is the connecting glue of our interactions with life, people, work, and our beliefs.  In order for something to have significance it must first start with relevance.  Have you ever noticed how at any event people with similar interests – relevance – are grouped together? This is because they have a relevance that means something significant to them.  Ever tried to enter that circle? If you don’t have the relevance, entering it is like riding a bike with no handlebars. This applies not to just events but even to relationships with work and romance.

To understand what makes relevance so significant, we have to go back to the root – the belief.  Beliefs are so powerful because they are rooted in the past but are very present, they transform who you are, they speak to your values and most important of all when they turn to relevance they become action.

For example a lot of people choose to become vegetarian because of the effects that it has on the environment as well as the animals (belief).  The belief becomes strong enough that it causes you in the present moment to transform, it changes your value (relevance), and this is a conscious decision they are making that will change their view (significance).  Now it has become relevant and relevance is like wearing rose colored glasses – everything now will be seen through those lenses, and every action that follows

will strengthen the significance of it – until another belief is able to shatter the later.

Relevance is an amazing and powerful insight that once you can truly understand the root of the belief you can execute it and make a change.  The best use of relevance in the business world is the visioning process – simply put a vision is the glue that is relevant and everyone who reads it either agrees or doesn’t – if they don’t they don’t have to work with that company, but if they do then their actions, their goals, and their beliefs will drive the significance of that relevance.

With relevance you can build great tribes and connect with people that will only accelerate your goals.  Take the time to understand what your beliefs are, how they are relevant to what you are doing and how significant they are to you.  This understanding coupled with passion can create shattering results – think about what the iPhone did to the world of cell phones.

Finally make sure your actions follow – and step by step, brick by brick, you can create, build, invent and most of all make a change in yourself, in others and in the world.

Mohamed Alkady
October 2012

actions, priorities and words

people can talk, quite a bit actually, about everything from their dreams to things they will do.  this is a very strange phenomenon as a society we have come to to talk about things we WILL do but rarely even really think about doing them.

i do think there is some good intention when words come out, however actions are not expressed in words.  there is something to be said for the fact that words can provoke action, however words are not action, words are a placebo for the mind.

action expresses priorities – which means that what you DO will actually be what your priority is.  if someone says that they want to go find a job and then next think you know their playing a game – now you know their priority.

take care of your temple

everyone carries a temple with them – but rarely is it taken care of.  if you knew you had a temple, the best anyone has had, full of everything you could ever imagine, wouldn’t you take care of it?

that temple is your body; everyday you abuse that temple and rarely take the chance to take care of it until someone who is close to you suffers from something.

your temple needs cleaning, good care, and most of all attention – what it gives you in return is endless.  too often we abuse our temple and then wonder about the outcomes years later.

like any building it withers with time, and if repeatedly not taken care of – will not last for its intended duration.

smooth sailing, its in the imperfection

nothing is ever smooth sailing – in fact the smoothness of the sail depends on the imperfection of what you are doing.  It is the way you move with the currents, the way you deal with the swallows, and the wind that will make your journey either smooth sailing or awfully bumpy.

we often try to fight our way through a situation, when in reality if you were to just go with it and go in the direction it wants you to go you end with a much smoother sail.

are you going to end up where you intentionally wanted to go? maybe, maybe not, but either way at the end you will have enough energy to get where you want to go; and who knows the journey may change your desire.

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